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A famous musician once said, “To induce a child’s passion and interest in music, one must pass on the essence of music and intertwine it into his life”. Musipire focuses on bringing out every student’s inner potential and love of music through its one-on-one lessons. All of Musipire’s instructors will help their students overcome their weaknesses, while building upon the knowledge that they have obtained. Through our center’s unique one-on-one lessons, students will advance faster while enjoying the process every step of the way!



Musipire’s lessons especially accommodates to each student, since each instructor provides one-on-one classes that specifically focus on the student’s needs. Musipire provides individual lessons in piano, violin, viola, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, flute, vocal, percussion, and more. All Musipire instruments are in mint condition, especially the pianos and violins. Each instrument produces perfect-sounding pitches and tones, which is great for ear-training class. At the same time, the Musipire instructors are adamant about bringing the interest in music out of each student, and constantly encourage them to take on more challenging pieces as they go along. Most of the students at Musipire view music as a big part of their lives, as a result, many of them show great talent and even gets accepted into world-renowned music institutions.


Music Theory and Sight-Reading Class

One of Musipire’s main goals is to provide students with solid knowledge in music, especially in music theory. It is important for students to understand a piece of music thoroughly, both in the fingering techniques and the analysis of the notes. That way, students would have a much easier time as they progress onto more advanced pieces of music. Aside from theory, sight-reading is also vital in musical development, since it plays a big role in music analogy. Having a solid foundation is a great treasure in the lives of every musician, and Musipire will do its best to assist all of our students in establishing that.


ABRSM Music Group Session

The ABRSM Music Group Session is designed for students who wish to take the ABRSM grade 5 (and up) examination, and also for those who would like to increase their knowledge in music theory. This special class targets the pieces that would appear during the Associated Board of Royal Music School Exam, and students who take this class would have the opportunity of taking a mock exam before the actual test.





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