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Musipire Student, Carrie Hsu at age 10, performs Bach's Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major BWV 1009, Gigue arr. for Viola

Talented Carrie is joining her sister, Janet, in Juilliard Pre-college this year! Throughout her years at Musipire, Carrie's been a hardworking student and we are proud to see her continuing in the family footsteps to music greatness. She is a sweet girl with strong determination in her passion for music. We hope you enjoy this solo presented by Carrie and wish her good luck in her endeavors!

Musipire Media thanks Carrie & family for participating in this production!

Carrie & other honor students in Musipire Concert


One of our biggest fans that knows all of Musipire's websites updates, Jennifer, returns with a new video fresh from her performance in the 9th annual Musipire Student Concert! Ever since Musipire first opened up, it has been in our tradition to hold concerts every year for students of all ages and levels to attend and showcase their hard work. This year, Jenn joins the Honor Student Concert once again with deeper knowledge, more confidence, and better skills. We are proud to have students who truly enjoy music to the point of following our news, anticipating new videos, and practicing diligently just to bring their best to everyone.

Musipire thanks Jenn and family for supporting music education and participating in Musipire events!
See Jenn's first video
See Musipire Student Concert pics on our Facebook!


As one of the most influential works in western classical music, William Wong presents part of The Well-Tempered Clavier at age 10.  Continuing from the previous prelude video, this is the gentle sound of the fugue.

As a diligent musician, William performed in this year's Honor Concert and gave his best performance to the audience.  We are glad to see these youngsters mature in their music, skill-wise & in interpretation, and we wish all of them the best on this journey.  Although it isn't easy, but with family's support and your dedication, you will soon find the true love of music to keep you going and going...

See the prelude:


As one of the most influential works in western classical music, William Wong presents part of The Well-Tempered Clavier at age 10. This may be a contrast against William's other exciting and fast-paced videos on our channel; however, he understands the appreciation and interpretation of a slower melody. The reason why music is so versatile and for everyone is because of its different speed, countless styles, and limitless evolution. We hope you enjoy this video and await the Fugue in the future.


Musipire Prestige Student, William Wong at age 10, performs Bach Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in C sharp major, BWV 848, 偉樂專業音樂教育

A light-hearted and joyful sounding performance brought to you by William. Please enjoy and leave us any comments!

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