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Musipire talented young musician Iris Wu at 8 years old performed this beautiful piece Spring from Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Iris is a very hard working young lady, she is serious, persistent, very good manner and a perfectionist. During the lesson, if there are any musical passages that she cannot perform well, she would humbly list to the teacher and go home practice really hard until resolving the issues. Every day at Musipire, we have a lot of parents come to our facility to take music lessons, but we would like to give applause to Iris's Dad and Mom for doing a great job of home education and discipline their children. Iris's Mom and Dad are handsome and beautiful young couple, even though they are young parents, but Dad really support children's musical education and Mommy really doing a great job of finding the balance between children's hard work and interest development. We also would like to thank Iris teacher for doing a wonderful job for caring about Iris as much as her family. 

Musipire's director, camera crews, sound person, and many staff spent a lot of time producing this video, and we thank all of Musipire team members and Iris' Parents for being very much supportive. You may not know it from watching the video, but we actually shoot it under very cold temperature. Iris was so brave, did not complain a word throughout the shoot (very long hours). Her Dad, Mom, little brother and her teacher were 100 % cooperative with our team and stayed outside under very cold condition for long hours without being able to take bathroom or hot water.

If you are interested in knowing more story about the shooting days, please come to our facebook, and we will tell you more story about it in the next few weeks!


It's the most wonderful time of the year at Musipire, that's right! We have holidays, we have days off, we practice, and we perform!

As we get ready to bid 2012 farewell, it is the beginning of the busy season of Musipire Annual Student Concert Series! Here is Part 2 of the nominees in this year's lineup sharing their music, audition, and mini interviews with us. It was a pleasure to see all of you present your hard work and creative performances. If you truly enjoyed your audition, chances are that it would reach out to the audience more and the judges as well. Thank you for watching, stay tuned to Part 3!

Nominees Part 1:
Last year's concert recap:

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Musipire student Iris Wu at the age of 6 performed this F.Seitz Violin Concerto No. 2 for us, with piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu.  Iris Wu's parents are very nice and dedicated parents. They truly trust and believe in their teacher and always cooperate and work together with all of Musipire team members. When come to their children's education, her parents are not just nice only, they understand very well how to educate their lovely childern. They understand when to give them rule and when to reward them. We saw it first hand during our weekly lessons as well as at the recording session. Both Iris and her little brother all have very good manner and with great respect to others and each other. All of us at Musipire had a sweet, loving and touching afternoon and evening with Iris family. Thank you Iris and Thank "YOU" our youtube supporters!!!


Musipire Prestige Student Iris Wu at 7 years old performed this J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No. 3 in C major BWV 1009, Bourree for us, with piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu. Iris Wu is a very self-motivated girl. During the lesson, if she make some mistakes or if she can not achieve what the teacher expect her to do, she usually will get upset herself. We would like to thank her parents for instilling such good drive into little Iris and we at Musipire certainly felt her parents' trust and support! Lastly, thank you our youtuber for loving Musipire so much!!

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