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在偉樂十週年之際, 讓我們一起回顧偉樂歷年學生的高分榮譽榜. 
能成為一位成功的音樂家並不簡單. 每年, 學生們面臨3次音樂考級機會, 要想在考級中得到高分非常不易, 這需要他們不斷的努力和勤奮的練習. 因此為了祝賀這些獲得高分的學生, 偉樂傳媒傾情製作 "排行榜特輯"!! 
你會出現在下一季的排行榜嗎 ? 偉樂助你一臂之力!!

感謝所有的偉樂教師, 學生, 家長和工作人員為這些成績所付出的努力!

2013 NYSSMA High Score Poster
About Musipire Professional Music Education:

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In this season of Musipire's 10-year anniversary, we take a look back on the glorious scoreboard of our students' hard work.  They face up to 3 music exams every year, which requires tremendous amount of study & practice.  The road of a musician isn't simple, and achieving good scores certainly isn't easy.  Thus Musipire compiled this video to celebrate our students.  Will your child be on the board next season?  Let us help you get there :)

Musipire Media thanks all our faculty, students, parents, and staffs for making these scores possible.

2013 NYSSMA High Score Poster
About Musipire Professional Music Education:

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On the day of your NYSSMA exam, do not bring photocopy of sheet music.  Original prints allowed only

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You've seen our students and you've seen our teachers... now Musipire's staff has something to say, too! Watch as the girls introduce you to all 3 Musipire branches and what makes them special. You'll hear what each team member likes about working at Musipire, some of our most memorable moments, and what we look forward to working here.

Musipire Media Team thanks the staff for your hard work, (in order of appearance): Queenie, Vivian, Lina, Fiona, Karen, Tiffany, Jenny, Jessica, JingJin, Linny, and Martyn. 

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Stationed at New York City, we are a multicultural community. It is with all the diverse cultural and musical backgrounds that makes our music robust and powerful. Here are our extremely talented and superb music faculty team telling you their take on music and welcoming you to our website. Please visit where you can also see our teacher profiles along with our programs & services, successful students' stories, Musipire yearly Timeline, photo gallery, latest news & events, and JOIN OUR MAILING LIST to sign up for future exclusive members section.

Musipire Media Team thanks all the teachers for a fun shoot, you are as every bit delightful as you are talented.
Musipire Faculty (in order of appearance): Josh Vigran, Natallia Kozel, Joanne Li, Masaaki Shimizu, Johanna Aguilera, Cindy Kim, Matthew Arbeiter, Yu Lu, Gigi Yip, Pamela Chiarappa, Maria Nerica Miravite

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