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Musipire Prestige Student, Tony Boxi Wei at age 8, performs Clementi's Sonatina Op. 36, No. 3, movement 1 

Little Tony came to us from our neighboring state, New Jersey! At first, Tony's mommy was very set on finding a good teacher to develop his talent and skills, and so they found Musipire even though they have to go through a 4-hour drive for lessons every week. Now merely half a year later, we are proud to present his current learning repertoire which he worked very hard on. Besides piano, Tony also loves spending time with his little sister (who is learning violin) and soon-to-be-born baby brother! Surely his baby brother will appreciate all the prenatal music ed that big brother has been giving him by practicing close to mommy's belly ^_^

Musipire Media thanks Tony, mom & family for taking the time out to come to class and to make this production!

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Your Child & Music Education:


Musipire Prestige Student, Li Yu Chen at 6, performs Clementi's Sonatina Op. 36, No. 2, Movement II

Continuing from last time's movement 1, here's movement 2 of the Sonatina. Li Yu performed this piece (mov I & II) for the 2011 Musipire Honor Student Concert and did very well in front of our audience and other talented musicians. Now after a whole year of learning new techniques and strengthening piano knowledge, let's wait and see what new piece she will bring us in the 2012 Honor Concert. Stay tuned, everyone!

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Musipire Prestige Student, Maxwell Zen at age 7, performs Friedrich Kuhlau's Sonatina Op. 55, No. 3, movement 1

Musipire welcomes back the star of our FIRST EVER video loaded on YouTube back in February 2011, our little pianist, Maxwell Zen.  You've seen him in our production, perform at Musipire concert, and behind the scenes of his piano lesson, now 2 years older, Max is back with a new performance and cute interview for us!  Find out about his point of view on music education and the talent that runs in their family with his sister, Hilary.

Musipire thanks Maxwell and the Zen family for their support in music, and cooperation with all the productions!
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Musipire Prestige Student, Maxwell Zen at age 6, perferms Kuhlau Sonatina in C Major, Op.55, No.1, Movement 1

Little Maxwell joins us for our first YouTube video production! We are glad to have Max and family with us for the recording and for supporting music education. He plays so well for his age and we look foward to more great performances from him in the future!


Musipire Prestige Student, Maxwell Zen at 6, performs Kuhlau Sonatina Op.55, No.1, 2nd mvt, 偉樂專業音樂教育

Maxwell returns with the second movement of Kuhlau's Sonatina. His concentration and finger technique is quite admirable. Musipire finds that children learn better academically when they have music education assistance on the side. Hope this helps our viewers out there!

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