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A proper start marks the way to success

In 2009, during Musipire’s Honor Student Concert, a young boy went on stage and sat in front of a large audience. He was not bashful, not intimidated, and did not even show the least bit of nervousness. The accuracy of his fingering, the familiarity with the music, and most importantly, the love of music that came from a young child’s heart touched the soul of the entire audience. That young boy, once a stranger to the world of music, is now a talented performer with great potential and skill. He is one of Musipire’s young prodigies, five-year-old, Maxwell Zen.

Maxwell enrolled in Musipire Music Center at age four. There is an old proverb that says: “The beginning of every path is filled with difficulty” and that is no exception in learning music. To many people, a proper start would mean that half their goal has already been reached. When a person starts on a proper path, he can avoid making many unnecessary mistakes, which may have hindered him from reaching his goal in a timely manner. Likewise, when learning music, it is essential to start with a solid foundation in order to advance to higher levels and to become a more skillful performer.  Due to the fact that Maxwell was able to receive proper training from a professional instructor since day one in Musipire, he not only established a solid foundation in learning the techniques, he also developed a good habit as a young musician. Most importantly, Maxwell’s instructor was able to bring out his love and interest in music, which is one of the reasons why this seemingly ordinary young boy was able to accelerate at such speed. Maxwell would willingly practice for at least an hour a day; thus in just one year, he was able to perform Sonatinas (equivalent to NYSSMA level 5).

At this point, piano had become a big part of Maxwell’s life. Musipire believes that every child is essentially the same in their ability to learn; no one was born to be smarter or more talented than another. However, the most important factor in making a person successful is to have a proper start. With the right guidance from the instructors, and constant encouragement from the family, every child has the potential to become a future star! Success does not come by coincidence, but is achieved by having a sturdy beginning, and staying on the right track.


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