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The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

Many parents have the misconception that young children do not need to learn music from professional instructors at an early age. Instead, they should wait until they are older and become more advanced at what they play before getting professional training. However, this is incorrect, because it is essential for children to develop a proper and solid foundation from the get-go.

Hilary Zen started playing the piano at a young age. However, as she continued to play, her mother discovered that she was slowly losing interest, and her fingers would hurt when she practiced. After hearing about Musipire, Hilary’s parents enrolled her in hopes that the instructors would help their daughter regain her interest, and improve her skills. Soon after Hilary’s enrollment, her instructor realized that she was a very talented young musician, with a lot of hidden potential. However, because she was not equipped with a solid foundation in how to play properly, her technique was flawed. Her instructors corrected her mistakes, and advised her to relax while playing the instrument to prevent her body from tensing up, thus eliminating the pain from her fingers. At the same time, her instructor corrected her posture, and taught her how to be more focused when playing more advanced pieces. After carefully following those instructions, Hilary not only felt more at ease while playing music, she also started to love the piano once again. In a short period of time, Hilary solidified the fundament of playing piano, and improved her skills drastically. At the young age of six, Hilary already passed the NYSSMA level 5 exam with a full score.

It is extremely important to provide children with proper and professional guidance on how to play an instrument at a young age. After all, if a tree is not properly planted in the beginning, it would surely grow up to be crooked in the future. Therefore, if parents want their children to develop the correct technique and understanding of music, they must provide their children with proper guidance from a professional instructor. Throughout Musipire’s establishment, all teachers are trained and equipped with professional knowledge and skills. In the eyes of Musipire, nothing is more important than giving students a solid foundation in music.  After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so why not start with the right one.


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