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Interest is the biggest motivator

Many parents become stressed out through the process of their children’s musical training. Due to the fact that many children refuse to practice, parents feel like they are not interested in music, or simply not “meant to” play music. However, this is far from being the case, since the ability to play music is acquired, not born within. In order to know how to play music, and be able to play it well, one must practice and give a lot of effort. Without hard work and dedication, nothing in life can be accomplished, and that is no exception in music.


Ever since Lucia Lin was a young, she was influenced by her sister and took strong interest in music. She came to Musipire, and was trained under her professional instructor, whom helped her develop a strong foundation. Aside from completing the homework that was assigned to her, Lucia would willingly practice the piano everyday in her free time. Sometimes when Lucia encountered difficult pieces, she felt stressed out. As a result, her instructor taught her how to use different techniques when practicing, in order to improve her skills without overwhelming her with pressure. Most importantly, her teacher constantly encouraged her, which made her both more confident and optimistic when she performs.


It takes time for many students to bring out their interest and passion for music when they are first introduced to an instrument. However, this does not mean they are incapable of learning, or should give up before even trying. At the same time, it is essential to find a good instructor, since instructors are the key figure in a child’s life when it comes to learning music. Experienced instructors will know how to bring forth the interest from a child, and how to keep it alive, while building upon the knowledge that he or she has already obtained. As the old saying goes, “Interest is the biggest motivator in a person’s life.”


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