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Liyu Chen’s story of success

In the eyes of most people, Liyu Chen is almost like any ordinary six-year-old girl; petite, playful, but always carries a confident smile. Her eyes are always filled with assurance, and when she smiles, two small dimples would appear on her cheeks. This young girl is far from being ordinary, for she is the star of Musipire, and the next great pianist in the near future. Ever since Liyu was a child, she had been influenced by the essence of music. Her older sister started playing the violin at a young age, so notes and melodies are no stranger to young Liyu. Little did she know, music will also become a big part of her life, for the potential and talent that this little girl carries will take her on the journey of becoming an amazing young musician. Every melody Liyu hears seems to have a magical effect on her, since she would become so fixed on the music that everything else around her seems to disappear. Her small body would sway to the flow of music, as if each sound that enters her ears also enters the depth of her soul. Her strong passion for music was soon discovered by her parents, so they decided to send her to Musipire to further develop her potentials.


Despite Liyu’s great fervor for music, she never actually received any professional training. Therefore, when she first stepped through the doors of Musipire, she was still an amateur and required a lot of guidance from her instructor. During her lessons, Liyu showed great interest and always asked “why?” whenever she encountered something she did not understand. Unless her teacher provided her with satisfactory explanations to her questions, she refused to simply just “follow the order”. This allowed her to develop a very solid foundation in analyzing music, including her playing techniques and the ability to understand theory. Because Liyu appears to be a “perfectionist” when it comes to playing music, her instructor trained her in such a way that would improve her skills without her becoming stressed. After all, every instructor in Musipire is experienced and knows how to connect with their students in order to help them overcome their flaws. As a result, Liyu accelerated greatly in a very short time.


As of now, Liyu has been studying in Musipire for a year. With her instructor’s dedicated training and her own devotion to music, in just one short year, Liyu already passed the NYSSMA level 5 examination. This is not something common among beginner music students, since it usually takes students several years to reach level 5 (with level 6 being the highest) of the NYSSMA exam. Aside from the precise teaching from her instructor and her own efforts, her parents also provided her with constant encouragement. It is essential for the child and the parents to connect and interact, since the support from family plays a big role in boosting the child’s confidence, thus improving her overall performance. It is no wonder that with the professional guidance from the instructor, along with the never-ending support from family members, that Liyu was able to accomplish what she did today.


Musipire believes that in the near future, Liyu will become a shining star in the world of music. She can truly be seen as the fruition of success, and the result of a dedicated heart.


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