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AikHooi Lee

Education: Masters of Music in Piano Pedagogy from West Virginia University

Teaching Course: Piano

Ms. Lee graduated from West Virginia University with Masters Degree of Music in Piano Pedagogy, and has also earned a Bachelor Degree of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Putra, Malaysia. 

Ms. Lee’s teaching experience has been focusing on one-on-one piano lessons, small group classes, and supervising new or novice piano teachers.  In her nine years of an educator’s role, she has learned to interact with children as young as 5 years old and instructed adult students all the way to 50 years old.  Ms. Lee has broad knowledge and understanding of several teaching approaches and methods such as Orff Schulwerk, Suzuki Method, Dalcroza Eurhythmics, Kodaly Method, Musikgarten, and the Montessori Method.  She is also familiar with the latest piano exam syllabus along with music theory syllabus (both written and aural) from Trinity College of London and the Associate Board of Royal School of Music.  Her performing experiences include solo and ensemble piano performances, playing the clarinet and percussion in orchestra, and also dance performances. 

Ms. Lee believes each person is born unique.  Being an educator itself is a tremendous responsibility which requires not only knowledge of the subject, but also the capability to adapt suitable ways and approach when teaching different personalities. She also believes that music can act as a medium to bond, connect, and develop a special teacher-student relationship.  As a music mentor, Ms. Lee tries to apply the best approach in teaching music so that the process of learning is enjoyable, progressive, and motivating for both the student and teacher.

李老師是一位來自馬來西亞的音樂家,獲得University of Putra Malaysia音樂表演專業學士學位,並在West Virginia University繼續進修鋼琴教育專業,完成碩士學位。

李老師具有近十年的教學經驗,她同時掌握Orff Schulwerk, Suzuki Method和Kodaly Method等多種教學方法,並靈活地貫穿在她的教學當中。同時,她還擁有豐富的舞臺表演經驗,其中包括鋼琴獨奏,樂團合奏,單簧管演奏和管弦樂團的打擊樂演奏等等。


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