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Masaaki Shimizu

Education: Bachelor Degree of Music from Berklee College of Music 

Teaching Course: Piano

Mr. Shimizu started playing the piano at a very young age.  After years of private instruction from well-known piano teachers in Japan, he learned both performance and arranging in orchestral context from Mr. Sadio Watanabe at Yamaha Educational System.  He further studied arranging and composition by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  While at Berklee studying composition and orchestration from Mr. Herb Pomeroy, Mr. Shimizu performed significantly both in orchestral and solo formats, including concerts under the direction of Mr. Gary Burton.  He graduated as a Composition Major with honors and continues performing in various genres.  In previous years, he received an award from the American Song Festival for one of his compositions.

For Mr. Shimizu, the most satisfying moment is to see students’ interests and passions toward playing music.  Mr. Shimizu’s teaching philosophy is to help students build up the skill and confidence, and further sharpen their skill to make music.  Before he gives the lesson, he will have an aim to let students know what they will learn today, and explain how to achieve it through the quick and efficient way to learn is also his philosophy.  He tries to develop students to have their own opinion which are logical and convincing ways to know the music and further to play the music.  

來自日本的Masaaki老師從小就開始學習鋼琴,並在Yamaha鋼琴教學系統下學習管弦樂團的表演和編排。來到美國之後,Shimizu老師入讀了位于麻州波士頓的Berklee 音樂學校。在學校就讀期間,Masaaki老師在教授Herb Pomeroy的帶領下繼續深造譜曲和樂團編排。他也經常在Mr. Gary Burton指揮的管弦樂團中擔任表演嘉賓。從Berklee 音樂學校畢業后,Masaaki老師不但活躍在美國的表演舞臺上而且還擔任譜曲及音樂製作。


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