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Dora Kim

Education: Master of Music from CUNY

Teaching Course: Violin, Viola, Piano

Ms. Kim first started the musical path when she was four years old. She started with the piano, at the age of seven started the violin. During her middle school and high school years, Ms. Kim had participated in many music festivals and youth orchestras. She was also accepted into Manhattan School of Music Pre-College as a Viola Performance major. Ms. Kim had attended Manhattan School of Music as a Viola Performance Major, and also decided to pursue another degree, Music Education. She is now attending City University of New York (CUNY) as a Viola Performance and Music Education Major.

Ms. Kim loves meeting and interacting with students. Her philosophy is that anything is possible once a connection and dedication is made. Ms. Kim realizes each student may not share the same interest as her, but acknowledges everyone shares a deep interest to music. Ms. Kim’s goal is to reveal the student’s hidden talent and express their hidden passion as well. She also tries her best to make classical music appealing to children, while adjusting the lesson to their liking.

Kim老師自4歲起就開始接觸音樂,在學習鋼琴的基礎上,7歲開始小提琴的學習。中學以及高中時期,Kim老師參加了許多音樂節以及少年合唱團的演奏。之後被Manhattan School of Music Pre-College 錄取。然後成功考入了Manhattan School of Music,主修中提琴專業。與此同時還進修了音樂教育專業。畢業後Kim老師決定繼續深造,現就讀於City University of New York (CUNY),同時攻讀中提琴以及音樂教育雙學位。

Kim老師對於音樂教育有自己的想法以及見解。除了教授課程以外,她相信老師與學生之間的接觸以及交流也是十分重要的。她希望在教授學生們音樂知識的同時,也和他們分享自己對音樂的熱忱。 Kim老師相信,每一位學生都有學習音樂的天賦,她要做的就是幫助他們激發內心的潛能,讓學生們對於所學的樂器有更深層次的了解。Kim老師的課堂將會充滿活力,帶領大家體會音樂的美妙。


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