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Mina Yu

Education: Master of Music from Berklee College

Teaching Course: Piano 

M s. Mina began studying piano with her mother, an accomplished music educator, at age 4 in South Korea.  Due to her listening skills and perfect pitch, Ms. Mina finds it fun to play pop, blues, and jazz music.  Her talent was recognized as she was awarded winner of many piano competitions.  Ms. Mina gained scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music where she met and performed with many great musicians.  She has performed at many famous international venues, taking on roles of bandleader, session player, recording artist, education, and writer.

Ms. Mina looks forward to sharing her knowledge and musical insight with her students.  As a seasoned performer of both classical and modern music, containing Eastern and Western cultures, she wishes to prove to her students the versatility of art and music.  Whether the student's goal in music is competitive or recreational, Ms. Mina has many precious tips and experience to demonstrate that music is essentially... fun!

Mina老師從四嵗起跟隨自己的母親——韓國知名的音樂教育家,開始學習鋼琴。她極強的聽力和完美的 天賦,使她從小就非常喜歡演奏各類型音樂,像是流行、藍調、爵士音樂。她的卓越才能在許多鋼琴比賽中大放異彩,獲得多個獎項。Mina老師獲得伯克利音樂學院的獎學金,並與衆多出色的音樂家交流學習。

Mina老師願意與學生分享她的音樂知識,以及對音樂的理解。作爲一位經驗豐富的表演傢,她游刃于古典與現代音樂,東方與西方文化。無論學生學習音樂的目的是專業性還是培養興趣, Mina老師有許多寶貴的技巧和經驗證明音樂的本質——樂趣!


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