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Nathania Wibowo

Education: Bachelor Degree of Music from Berklee College of Music

Teaching Course: Vocal, Piano

Ms. Wibowo began her music education at a very young age. She studied piano at Yamaha Music Indonesia, a fascinating activity that lured her into the world of music. After graduating from high school, she joined the Parahyangan University Choir where she gained experiences in performing and competing both nationally and internationally. In summer 2010, she went on to pursue her education in Berklee College of Music, majored in Performance and Songwriting. Among all students, Ms. Wibowo became one of the top ones and obtained Berklee World Tour Scholarship. During her school years, she also achieved many reputable vocal performances and won the Curtain Up! Musical Theater Writing Competition both in 2012 and 2013.

The beauty of music is built from many different aspects, such as precision, technique, talent, and clarity. But most importantly, Ms. Wibowo understands that an enjoyable music is the one that carries the true feeling and expresses the honesty of an artist. Music is a personal experience for all individual. Each of the students has unique learning process, so she believes that there are different approaches to help them grow their potentials.

Nathania老師從小接觸音樂教育。在印尼雅馬哈音樂學校學習鋼琴,使她對音樂產生濃厚興趣,並引導她走入音樂世界。高中畢業後,她加入了萬隆大學合唱團,不但學習了豐富的表演技巧,還獲得了很多國內以及國際的參賽經驗。之後她選擇繼續深造,不斷提高自己,於2010年考進了Berklee College of Music,主修表演以及作曲。 Nathania老師在眾多學生中脫穎而出,獲得了Berklee World Tour獎學金。不僅如此,她還取得很多聲樂表演榮譽,並連續兩年贏得Curtain Up! Musical Theater 作曲比賽。


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