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Kiho Yutaka


Education: Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music.

Teaching Course: Violin and Piano

Kiho Yutaka has been playing the violin since the age of 3. Her music career has taken off after winning the best violinist at the 54th Hong Kong Music Festival at the age of 11. After joining her school's band, she started to play piano as well. During her high school years, she already began to assist her music teachers in group violin and band lessons, which led to her tutoring job at Berklee College of Music, where she taught music theories at the college level.

She is an experienced instructor, who knows the importance of teaching the instrument as well as the theory. Her professional career as a composer/arranger has allowed her to provide arrangements for each student to keep each week's lesson fun and exciting. She is here to share her love for music and also to help the students to grow as a musician.

Kiho 老師自3歲起開始學習小提琴。 11歲獲得第54屆香港音樂節最佳小提琴演奏者獎項。之後她積極加入了學校的表演樂團,除了小提琴之外,還學習了鋼琴的演奏。憑藉她傑出的演奏技巧,Kiho老師在高中時期就成為樂團以及小提琴團體課的助教。這些學習基礎以及教學經驗使她以優異的成績考入了Berklee College of Music。

 Kiho老師擁有豐富的教學經驗,她知道教授小提琴的同時,樂理知識也是十分重要的。她希望學生們能夠掌握紮實的基礎知識,然後更進一步的領悟小提琴的學習。 Kiho老師的課堂是豐富多彩以及充滿樂趣的。她希望將自己對音樂的熱愛傳達給她的學生,讓學生們在學習的過程中充滿興趣,並且幫助他們成為新一代的音樂家

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