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Anton Alexeev

Education: Bachelor Degree of Music from Berklee College

Teaching Course: Piano, Guitar

Mr. Anton was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and began devoting to music studies during his high school years.  He started taking Classical Guitar lessons with a local teacher and he was making significant progress in just a short period of time.  The school’s music teacher recognized Mr. Anton’s musical ability and passion, and encouraged him to enroll in college as music major.  After graduating from high school, Mr. Anton was admitted as a Jazz Performance major in Mussorgsky College of Music in St. Petersburg.  There, he studied with the country’s most prominent guitarists Alexandr Starostenko and Gasan Bagirov.  As Mr. Anton progress as a musician, he began gaining reputation through performing in various music performances throughout the city.  Upon moving to the United States, Mr. Anton received a full scholarship to study in Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  Eventually settling in New York, Mr. Anton decided that he was as passionate with music education as he was with performing, and enrolled in The City College of New York to work on his degree in music education, which was successfully completed in 2010.

Mr. Anton has had teaching experiences for over eight years.  As a teacher, Mr. Anton understands that it is very important to have a special kind of influence on students, to recognize their natural talents, and encourage them to go further and develop their skills.  He strongly recommends his students to strengthen their basic technique and study music theory since he believes that it is the most importance step towards musical success.  Mr. Anton never tires of telling his students to identify their goal and work hard on it.  Also, he states that a good teacher never stops searching for new and better ways to impart knowledge to their students, and what is just as important, always do it from the heart.  As a successful and experienced instructor, Mr. Anton is capable of teaching students of different ages and levels.  Many of his students have successfully passed the NYSSMA and ABRSM examinations with high grades.

来自俄罗斯的Anton老师从高中时期开始学习古典吉他。Anton老师对音乐的热爱以及在音乐学习上所表现出来的才华让他的指导老师惊叹,并鼓励他继续往专业音乐的道路迈进。因此,Anton老师高中毕业后,考进了俄罗斯圣彼得堡著名的音乐学院Mussorgsky College of Music,主修爵士音乐。与此同时,Anton老师作为一位爵士音乐家积极活跃于当地的音乐圈,在广泛接触多方面的音乐领域之后,Anton老师发现他更喜欢参与音乐教育。而为了追求更专业的音乐教育,Anton老师来到美国波士顿著名的Berklee College of Music以及纽约市立大学进修并取得了学校赋予的全额奖金。


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