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Pamela Chiarappa

Education: Master Degree of  Music from New York University

Teaching Course: Piano, Vocal, and Music Theory

Ms. Pamela was born in Baria seaside town on the Eastern Coast of Italy. She began taking piano lessons when she was eight years old. She started performing professionally after high school, playing with her “melodic-rock band”. Since then, Ms. Pamela studied jazz piano with Maestro Dino Petrelli and performed as a jazz singer with her trio in Bari and Bologna. Due to her amazing talent in jazz, Ms. Pamela was invited to be part of the great Alma Jazz Orchestra in Bologna directed by Maestro Teo Ciavarella. In 2009, Ms. Pamela received her BA in Music Studies from the University of Bologna, Italy. Recently, she moved to New York and attended New York University to pursue her master degree in music. While at NYU Steinhardt, she studied vocal with soprano Kristen Ruiz and jazz composition with Andy Milne.

Ms.Pamela has been involved in music in many different ways. She believes that everyone deserve a good music background because it helps the development of various abilities. Music, like art, is the expression of the beauty of human thought. Studying music also means growing up as a better person. Very passionate in teaching, patient, and friendly with students, Ms. Pamela strongly believes there is a message to deliver throughout music without forgetting the discipline needed for this enthralling game.

來自意大利的Pamela老師從八歲開始學習古典鋼琴,從此便與音樂結下不解之緣。源於對音樂的熱愛,Pamela老師一直堅持不懈地學習鋼琴。在高中畢業之後,她決定了向專業音樂的道路發展。在意大利時,Pamela老師跟隨當地知名的音樂家 Maestro Dino Petrelli 學習爵士樂,並受邀參與意大利著名樂團 Alma Jazz Orchestra。 2009年從意大利的 University of Bologna 獲得音樂專業的學士學位之後,Pamela老師來到紐約並於著名的紐約大學跟隨名師Soprano Kristen Ruiz 和Andy Milne 繼續進修音樂學習。


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