Play Music Well

Play Music Well = Talent + Hard Work + Experience + Many Failing and Stand Up Again

Watch your self-talk

Your self talk are very important, especially when you are practicing music in a practice room by yourself!

Forte Ensemble Concert

Great Free Concert to bring your kids with you Forte Ensemble Concert Time: Nov. 15th, 2019 at 7 pm  Location: Rutgers Presbyterian Church 236 W 73rd St, NY, NY 10023 Admission: Free For more detail information, please visit https://musipire.org11152019forte/

Practice makes perfect?

Practice makes perfect? Every day we have seen so many musicians, parents and students practice their craft, the craft doesn’t have to be music, day by day and week by week, thinking that practice will make them better or closer to perfection, but in reality, it’s really further from the truth……. Does practice really make …

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