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Join our reputable, inspirational and motivational community!

Musipire is an emerging and growing company. We are constantly looking for the brightest and most talented people to join our team.

If you are interested in becoming one of our reputable team members and partnered instructors, feel free to send us your resume.

Bring your talents and skills to us, let's create something extraordinary together!

We would love to welcome any people who are interested in working in Music, Education, Media and Musical Products industries

Become an Instructor:

Instructors are one of the most important parts of Musipire community members, therefore, we pay special attention to partnering the right people to work with and to deliver this magical and meaningful task to our lovely students and parents. If you feel you have what it takes to motivate a student, young or old, or to inspire them to love and play music. Please send us your resume or a short bio to, we will direct you to the right team member and start your journey of potentially become one of our amazing partnered instructors.

Office Staff Members:

Our office staff members are all well-rounded, smart and passionate professionals. Taking great care of our customers and engaging with our lovely students are important traits of our staff members. Every single one of us all loves music and every person enjoys challenges and learning. If you feel you have what it takes to handle multitasking and engage with different types of people, feel free to send your resume to, we will direct you to the right team member and start your process of potentially become one of our amazing office staff team members

Multimedia Staff Members:

At Musipire, we are not only expressing our feeling through music, we are also telling many exciting and inspirational stories through cameras and through microphones. If you are passionate about capturing that magical moment and if you are excited about documenting that unforgettable music and sound, you are more than welcome to send us your resume to We can not wait to share your portfolios and to experience your artworks and masterpieces together.

Product Staff Members:

Everyone loves to buy something and every day we are all surrounded by countless products, tools, and gadgets. If you have any experience in retail or e-commerce business, whether it’s sales, marketing, customer care, inventories or web design, Java, coding, packaging….etc. Feel free to email us your resume at, we would love to see if your talents and experience will fit into our workflow.

Internship Opportunity:

Are you interested in music performance or education field?  Are you passionate about media production?  Love to be on the front line taking care of customers or in the office processing words and documents?

Whether you are a high school student or a college student, if you need those course credits or community service credits, feel free to drop us your resume to, we will invite you to come in and join us for a real taste of working in the music field.

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