Music Programs

Many Music Instruments and Programs to Choose From

Music Programs

Musipire focuses on bringing out every student’s inner potential and love of music through its lessons and classes.  We will help our students overcome their weaknesses while building upon the knowledge and skills that students have obtained. Through our music lessons, students will advance faster while gaining many more valuable skill sets every step of the way!


Musipire’s lessons are tailored fit to accommodate each student's needs and learning pace and many of our instructors provide one on one lessons that specifically focuses on each different individuality. We currently offer individual lesson programs in piano, violin, viola, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, flute, vocal, drum, and more. Our team are encouraged to find a fine balance between finding the interest and building a solid music foundation for student's future growth and advancement. Because of our emphasis on building the solid music foundation and do the right things, many of our students eventually get accepted into world-renowned music institutions and many have won major worldwide competitions.

Music Theory Class

Music Theory and Sight-Reading Session

One of Musipire’s main goals is to provide students with a solid knowledge and correct tools in musical learning, which brings us the importance of participating in music theory session, ear training session, and music literacy or sight reading training. It is vitally important for a student being able to read the music and understand the theory behind in order to fully appreciate a piece of music thoroughly. A student should not only learn to play an instrument through ears and touches, being able to read the music and understand the rhythm will eventually pay off a big time in student's long-term musical development. Having a correct and solid music foundation is a great treasure in a student's life. At Musipire, we all strive to see if our students can one day learn and play a brand new piece of music by themselves.

ABRSM Music Class

ABRSM Music Exam Prep Session

The ABRSM Music Exam Prep Session is designed for students who wish to take the ABRSM theory grade 5 (and up) examinations, and also for those who would like to further increase their knowledge in music theory. This special session targets the music theory and questions that would appear during the Associated Board of Royal Music School Exam, and students will have the opportunity to take a mock exam at the end of the session and right before the actual examination.

To trigger a child’s passion and interest in music, one must find the opportunity to pass on the essence of music and plant it into a student's life

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