Covid-19 Help

Before Covid-19, Musipire was doing very well and had very consistent and strong growth each and every year. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we are just like everyone else, entire operations have been hugely impacted and affected. We had to make a very tough decision to temporarily pause all of our operations for months in order to protect all of our community members.

Now we are working hard to gradually reopen and bring back our operations little by little. If you like, you may contribute a little to help us stand back on our ground and to continue to provide quality music education to our community and society. Musipire is a for profit organization in the music education field, your sponsorship is voluntary and NOT tax-deductible. Your contribution does not equal your music lesson tuition, and we can not credit your contribution into you or your child’s music lesson credits. We deeply thank you for your contribution and sponsorship at this very difficult time that is unprecedented throughout our operation history.

Musipire Contribution

Support Musipire Music Education

Help our organization by sponsoring and contributing today! All contributions go directly to making a difference in the music education of our children today and tomorrow.
支持和赞助我们的机构! 您所有的支持和赞助都将直接投入到孩子们今天和明天的音乐教育持续和改善。

We’ll never share this information with anyone.

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