Music Lessons with care and love

Differences and Professionalism

Mock Exams

Musipire currently provides four different types of musical exams registration and preparation. Prior to the official exams, we also hold a mock exam for the registered students. This allows our students to familiarize themselves with the examination process, lower their stress level, overcome stage fright, and eventually achieve better results with stronger confidence.

Student Concerts

Musipire is known to produce extraordinarily talented young musicians. In order to enhance our student's musical learning desire and to reinforce student's discipline and hard working ethic, we polish our students' artistic skills and leadership skills with seasonal music concerts and annual concerts. Musipire encourages our students to participate in every showcase of ours in order to strengthen student's confidence in a public presentation scenario. These events are also great opportunities to allow our students to share their accomplishments with their loved one and family members, at the same time it's a great way to induce pride in hard work and overcome anybody's self-doubts.

Musipire aims to provide the highest quality in music education, to seek out every student's inner potential, and to spread the essence of music through professional music learning and training

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