Wei Chiu

Wei Chiu

Executive Director

Wei Chiu, a professional music educator, entrepreneur and business practitioner, intended to use music as a vehicle and tool to reach out, inspire and lift people’s spirits.  Currently, Mr. Chiu is in charge of diverse ventures and different projects development across different industries.  And at Musipire, Mr.Chiu serves as an Executive Director and leads a team of highly skilled professionals to work together and to generate sparks and inspiration for our young generations to get them engage in the magical world of music. Our mission is to elevate and transform people’s lives through music, media, and education.

Went to Juilliard Pre-College at the age of 15 and started his teaching career during the high school years, then continued with the acceptance of Juilliard College division. During the college years, Mr.Chiu rapidly accumulated a lot of students base and built up his networks in New York City. By the time he graduated from the Juilliard School, Mr. Wei Chiu already produced many young and amazing musically gifted prodigies and outstanding talents.  He is recognized in the community for his teachings and reputation, therefore drew a large crowd of students seeking his training and guidance. Having studied the piano since the age of six, he has been the First Prize winners of numerous competitions and has been on many different international concert halls and venues. He is often invited to attend music competitions as judge’s panel and frequently invited to give public speaking in the regards of music education and business field. As a teacher, his expertise is in instructing young musicians in technique, performance, conquering stage fright, how to develop young prodigy and professional career preparation. Due to his contribution in the music education field, Mr. Wei Chiu had been honored with Certificate of Excellence in Music Teaching from Music-Fest Rising Talents Festival 2012 and Best Teacher Award from KRB New York International Competition.

Mr. Chiu’s students have earned countless awards and trophies, including the Gold Medals of Golden Key Music Festival, Gold Medals of New York Music Competition held by the Korean Times, Gold Winners of the Music-Fest Rising Talents Festival, First Prize winners of the KRB New York International competition, and Grand Prize winners at the National Young Musician Competition, prize winner of New Jersey Music Teacher’s Association Young Musicians Competition, many First Prize winners of The American Protégé International Competition and many Gold Medal recipients of American Association for Development of the Gifted and Talented Competition. His students have frequently appeared on the stages of Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, and The United Nations. Under his guidance, his students have been accepted into the Juilliard School and pre-college divisions, Manhattan School of Music pre-college, Yale University and Harvard University.

In addition to music academy, throughout the years of business developments, Mr. Chiu has been partnering and remains interested in different types of ventures and projects and has been maintaining close relationships with various organizations and business entities in New York City.  With tremendous hands-on business experience, he has profound financial knowledge, operation and investment wisdom.

Besides being a professional music educator, entrepreneur, and business practitioner, Mr. Chiu is also an experienced videographer and photographer. Mr. Wei Chiu currently leads a team of professional trained media artists, aiming to create an inspiring and engaging music productions in order to stimulate our student’s learning interest as well as to influence more people and help more people to discover the wonderful world of music.

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