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Please fill out the form. If you are able to work, once you completed the form, you will receive the "next step" email automatically within 2 hours, please be sure to check your spam folder in your email box.   We are so excited to have you back, welcome back! 

请填写表格。 若是您是能上班的同事,在填完表格后,您将会在 2 小时内自动收到 “下一步骤” 的电子邮件,请确保您查询您的垃圾邮件文件夹。 我们很高兴您能回来,欢迎!

We truly appreciate the time we have spent together and you may skip the entire following section and submit the form, we sincerely wish you all the best! 我们衷心感谢您这段和我们一起工作过的日子,您可以直接跳过并直接提交表格,我们预祝您将来一切顺利和健康! 


We are so excited to have you back onboard!  我们非常高兴能再一次和您一起共事! 

Please note that you will have a much more detail online or offline work options and days of the week and how many days per week..etc. form to fill out once you are inside of our new system.  请注意,当您登录新系统后,您将会有机会填写一份更仔细的在线或离线工作选项以及具体每周的工作天等详细资料.

Please understand that it will not be practical that a company accommodate and match everyone's desired work schedule and conditions perfectly, what we can do as a company is try our best to mix and match what's available and what is the best options for the individual and the entire team.  请理解,一家公司完全按照并吻合所有人所填写的理想工作时间和理想天来安排上班工作是不现实的,我们所能做的就是尽可能匹配和符合我们同事们的理想上班需求,并在所有有限条件下作出对所有团队成员来说最好的选择。

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We appreciate you spend the time to update us your current situation.  If you are able to work, once you submit this form, you will be provided a next step information through the email within 2 hours, if you do not see the email, please be sure to check your email box or your spam folder.  我们非常感谢您花时间更新并让我们知道您目前的情况。如果您能够工作,一旦您完成了并缴交了表格,您将会在 2 小时内通过电子邮件收到我们为您提供的下一步信息,若是您没有看见信件,请确保并查询您的电子邮件垃圾邮件文件夹。

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