Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020, Musipire have put our students and parents, staff and teachers’ health and safety as our top priority, therefore, from March to October, 2020, we temporarily put a pause on our operations even though which means Musipire would incur a huge loss and had to continuous paying all the ongoing fixed expenses. 

During the 7 months of temporarily rest period, even though Musipire was completely technology savvy and was totally ready to provide online lessons, unlike many others that required their students to take poorly prepared online lessons, we felt that if we were going to provide any kind of online services, it has to meet our strict high quality control level and it also has to be the high quality that many of our customers come to know us for.

We used the 7 months period, created a high quality online music education community platform, it’s a platform that combined our physical off-line facilities and classes and online lessons and many more education and community related functions. It’s an online music education community platform that its members are not required to take any music lessons or classes, as long as you are interested in music, you can join and find the value on the platform. We felt that Musipire’s current and past students all deserve to have much superior online experiences, therefore, we poured so much of hearts and work into creating this online music education community platform.

Throughout the past 12 months, we absorbed huge amounts of expenses cost ourselves just to maintain all of our facilities and businesses, and we did not put that pressure on our students and transfer the cost onto our parents. Contrary to many others, we honor all of our student’s past tuition payment, as well as continuesly providing all the same top quality of service and education to our current and past students and parents.

Whether you are our existing student or our past student, you still have lesson credit left or do not have any lesson credit left, you are all invited to join our newly created Online Music Community Platform as long as you have been a Musipire student.  

All current students, before coming back to take lessons, you are required to register one Musipire online account at our community platform, and we also need you to fill out the following “come back choice form” at your convenience, so we can better understand your choices before you physically come into our facilities.  In addition, due to the complexity of reopening and prevent any possibility of contracting the Covid-19 within our community, all existing students and parents will need to use Musipire Online Account to complete all the required Covid-19 consent and better communicate within our community.  

The detail steps of registering your Musipire account will be explained in your “Next Step” email after your completion of filling out the form below, be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received your “Next Step” email after 24 hours of completing this form.  Thank you and welcome back.  

Musipire Team

Students Come Back Form

Musipire is currently offering all of its current and past students 4 options to choose from, whether you still have Lesson credits left or do not have any lesson credits left.   

1. Take Online Lesson

2. Take In-Person Lesson at our facilities 

3. If you still have lesson credits left, but can't decide yet, you could become our newly created Online Music Education Community members free of charge first, and make your decision within 6 months.

4. If you do not have any lesson credit left.  Since you have been a Musipire student before, you are qualified to enroll and become our newly created Online Music Education Community Member, free of charge for the first 6 months promotional period.  This promotional offering is only for Musipire's old students.   

(Online Music Education Community Members can browses the whole platform and interact and make friends with other members and enjoy many privileges.  Taking music lessons or classes are not required and it's also not included in the membership) 

伟乐当前为我们所有的过去和目前上课的学生和家长们提供 4 种选择,无论您是否还有剩余课程学分或没有任何课程学分。





(音乐教育社区平台会员将可以浏览整个平台并与其他会员进行交流沟通并结交朋友,会员同时享有许多功能和权限。 社区会员不需要上任何音乐相关个别课或音乐课程,同时,上课也并不包括在社区会员的会费和会员权限内)

Even if you do not have any lesson credits and tuition left, this is a limited time promotion for our past students and parents and we are still sincerely inviting you to become our initial founding community members.  即使您没有任何剩余课程学分和学费,我们仍然真诚地邀请您,利用这一次难能可贵的促销活动,成为我们的社区创始会员。

(Community Members can browses the whole platform and interact and make friends with other members and enjoy many privileges, only do not take music lessons or classes) 


We appreciate you spend the time to fill out the form and hope you will continue to stay safe and healthy.  我们感谢您花时间填写表格,并希望您持续保持安全和健康。

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