Student Registration Form Children/Young Adult
  • Student Enrollment Form 学生注册表格 
  • Emergency Contact Information 紧急联系人资料
  • Image & Audio/Video Recording Waiver 照片和音频/视频录制同意书
  • Policies & Procedures 规章制度
  • Authorization Agreement for Payment 付款授权协议
  • New Student Questionnaire 新生问卷

Student Enrollment Form - Children/Young Adult

学生注册表格 - 孩童/青少年






Emergency Contact Information


Image & Audio/Video Recording Waiver


At the Academy we host an annual picture day that is very popular with our parents. A photographer visits the school and takes pictures of the students and parents get to order copies. We also videotape and photograph recitals, lessons, our own hosted events occasionally. In our monthly newsletter we feature students of the month, videotape student performances for YouTube and our web site.

If you would like for you or your child to participate in student of the month, picture day, recitals or our newsletter, please answer "Yes" on this image and video/audio recording waiver.

在音乐学校,我们时不时会举办非常深受广大学生和家长欢迎的摄影日。 我们专业的摄影师将来到音乐学校并为我们可爱的学生拍照,拍照完后,家长若是有兴趣,可以选择性质的订购照片。 我们偶尔也会录像和拍摄我们学生的音乐会,上课情况,或我们举办的活动和演出。 在我们的每月内部通讯中,我们还会精选本月的优秀的学生,为我们的 YouTube 频道和我们的官方网站录制许多学生表演节目和录像。


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Policies & Procedures



1. All payments are processed by pre-authorized credit cards or auto draft from checking accounts on the first of the month. Private one on one lessons are $180 per month for weekly 30 minute sessions online or off-line, $260 per month for weekly 45 minute sessions online or off-line, $328 per month for weekly 60 minute sessions online or off-line. There is a $40 registration fee due ONLY at time of registration or if you drop your time spot and skip months.  Tuition is never prorated for missed lessons. Tuition does not include any retail teaching materials such as books or instruments.


1. 所有学费付款均需通过预授权之信用卡或支票账户于每个月的第一天系统自动付款处理。 每周一次的 30 分钟网络/实体个人一对一课程为每月 180 美元,每周一次的 45 分钟网络/实体个人一对一课程为每月260 美元,每周一次的 60 分钟网络/实体个人一对一课程为每月 328 美元。  一次性的 40 美元注册费仅在注册时需支付。 如果您放弃连续持续性的上课,又或您隔月上课,您还需重新支付注册手续费用。 对于因学生个人原因造成的无法上课,学费将不会按比例计算退还。 月付费的学费并不包括任何学生需要自购的零售上课教材,如上课书籍,乐谱或乐器等等。


Cancellation, Makeup, Reschedule

2. For any lessons missed by a teacher, the Academy will attempt to provide a substitute teacher. If a substitute teacher is unavailable, a private one on one makeup lesson with the teacher will be scheduled promptly.  

In the event of school closing due to severe weather, for all registered in-person lesson students, we will switch in-person lesson to online-lesson.  For all registered online lesson students, all lessons will proceed as normal. We will publish all the latest guideline on our official website.  

For any lesson missed by a student, any of the following two conditions must be met in order to be qualified for a rescheduling (makeup) lesson.

1. 24 hours in advance phone call notification receive by our office during the normal business hours prior to the actual lesson,


2. 48 hours advance notice through our online platform system.  

In addition, rescheduled lesson will be either online lesson or offline lesson all depends on the availability of time spot and classroom usage and arrangement.  

Any scheduled lessons without a minimum 1 day advance phone call notice, or, 2 day advance system notice will be considered as forfeiting the lesson.  

All rescheduled or makeup lessons have to be completed within the same month and will not be carried over to the following month.    



2. 由于老师原因而缺席的课程,音乐学校将尽量安排在同一时段与代课老师上课。 如果没有合适代课老师,学生的老师会把每一位学生安排到老师在其他天上课的时间,或者更改到老师临时提供的其他上班天进行上课。

音乐学校如果因为恶劣天气等特殊原因紧急休假,所有注册为实体店一对一课程的学生将会转为网络课程,注册为网络课程的学生将不受天气自然灾害等原因影响。 音乐学校的官方网站将会进行及时和详细的讯息更新。


  1. 学生在实际上课开始前24小时,并在音乐学校正常办公时间内,电话到我们办公室并和行政人员请假

  1. 在实际上课开始前48小时,使用我们的在线平台系统向音乐学校发出通知。


对于任何没有至少提前 1 天电话通知,或,至少提前 2 天系统通知等情况,将被视为自动放弃该堂课。




Discontinuing Lessons

3. Every student at Musipire and Online Music is on a month-to-month basis.  To discontinue lessons and to discontinue charges to your account, please fill out the withdrawal form before the 20th of your last month.  We do not prorate tuition for the last month’s lessons. Students will be responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons.


3. 伟乐音乐学校的所有实体店面对面课程和线上课程,都是采用月收费制度。 如您需要暂时停止课程和长期停课并避免系统继续自动收款,您需要在最晚,不能迟逾您上课的最后一个月20号之前,填写停课表格并经由系统提交。如果您最后一个月的课程无法完整上完,我们将不会按个别课堂计算。若学生最后一个月无法完整上完课程,学生还需负担最后一个月完整学费。


Average of four lessons per month

4. There are 52 weeks annually and with our official holidays throughout the entire year, we are closed for four weeks of combined holidays.  Therefore, our monthly tuition is based on a 48 weeks per year. In the long months, you will get five lessons, short months such as November and December, you will get three lessons, and most months you will get four lessons. The tuition is the SAME each month; i.e. we don’t charge you more when you have five lessons, and we don’t charge you less when you have three lessons in a month. This makes everyone’s accounting easier.


4.一年有52周,算上我们一年之内的所有官方节假日,全体放假时间的总和为4周,所以我们月付费系统就是基于一年有 48 周的上课时间来安排。 平均一个月为4周,按照每周一堂课计算,一个月就是四堂课。一年中,在上课天数多的月份,一个月最多可以上到5堂课,在上课天数少的月份(例如11月和12月),一个月最少也可以上到3堂课,在大多数情况下,每月是4堂课。我们的制度,为了所有人的会计计算方便,无论您每月上 5 堂课还是 3 堂课,您的每月月费将保持不变。


Summer Vocation

5. All Musipire Music Schools and Academies and Online Music operates all year-round and do not close for the summer.  Since our instructors have large amount of  students, lessons time spot and spaces are first come first serve, so if you withdraw for the summer, we cannot guarantee that we will have a time spot for you in the Fall as we will open the time spot to new students and the waiting list.

There are two options to keep your time spot during the summer months if you ever decide to go away.

a. We are happy to offer 4 makeups for our students in the special summer months of June, July and August.  If you are taking a month off for vacation and would like to resume back the next month, your payment is still due on the first of the month to reserve your lesson space and time spot. The lessons for the month you miss can be made up when you return from vacation.

b. Sub lease your time spot to a family member or friend.  You can send a family member or friend to take over your place for the dates you will miss. Just let the office team know who will be coming in your place and when.  Please make sure that they reimburse you directly for the lessons.


5. 伟乐音乐学校各单位以及我们网络教育平台都是全年持续对外开放和运营,暑期夏季期间全体师生都是正常上班上课。基于我们音乐学校的老师们都有广大众多的学生,所以全部课程的上课时段和位置都是采取先到先得的排队先后制度。所以一旦您选择在暑假期间退出或暂停您的课程和放弃您的老师上课时段和位置,我们将把您的老师上课位置和时间段开放给新生和在等候名单上的学生,我们将不能保证当您秋季返回上课时,还能有相对应的老师位置和上课时间段。


a. 在暑假期间,我们提供给我们的学生在 6月,7月,8月这三个月份,4次补课机会。如果您确定您整月将出游请假,并在下月恢复上课,请保持您的月付款能在月初时系统自动持续运行,我们将确保您能保留住您原来老师的上课位置和喜欢熟悉的上课时段。当您在假期返回时,您可以回到原来老师上课位置和自己最舒服的上课时段,并把度假期间没上到的课程,将其补回。

b. 您也可以将您的老师上课位置和上课时间段安排给您的家人或朋友。为了确保您的家人和朋友可以无缝接轨的直接使用您已付费的课程,麻烦您需要记得让我们的行政人员知道您的家人或朋友的姓名和何时过来开始接收使用您的上课位置和时间段。这里提醒您,需要记得和您的家人或朋友讨论该如何归还您在月初时已经帮忙缴交的费用。


Care of Students

6. The school is not responsible for providing before or after care for students. Parents with children under the age of eight must remain in the school lobby during the classes. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time periods before or after their lessons.


6. 音乐学校不提供也不负责学生上课前和上课后的学生照顾和看管。有八岁以下孩子的学生家长,应在学生孩子上课期间在学校大厅内等候或在教室里与学生一起上课。 家长不应在学生上课前或下课后,过长时间的让学生留滞在学校里等候接送。


Open Door Policy

7. Parents are always allowed to sit in lessons. We have an open-door policy for lessons, and parents are encouraged to do so. 


7. 我们非常鼓励家长旁听课程。 我们所有课程都采行开放上课政策,欢迎家长旁听学生上课。



8. Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students or their siblings before, during, or after lesson time, including hearing loss or hearing damage.

In addition, all Musipire Music Schools,  Academies, related organizations and are not responsible for any damage done to parked vehicles while before, during and after student's lessons or any personal items stolen from vehicles or at our facilities.


8. 学生家长,未成年学生的法定监护人,以及学生本人,包括成年学生,放弃对于学生本人或其兄弟姐妹在课前、课间、课后,在音乐学校内的任何物业里的正常上课或任何活动所造成的意外伤害而采取的任何法律诉讼权利(包括丧失听力和听力受损),我们将不承担任何法律责任。

此外,伟乐音乐学校和所有相关机构,包括 对于任何与停车等相关等意外,例如车辆受损、车内物品被盗、以及在校期间自身物品被盗等等个人物品丢失均不承担任何责任。



Picking Up

9. Children must wait for their parents or guardians to pick them up inside the Academy Facilities. Please do not ask them to meet you elsewhere. Students are not to be dropped off on the street or curb. The Academy assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.


9. 学生们必须在音乐学校内等待父母或监护人来领取和接送,请不要让我们的宝贝学生孩子在其他地方与您碰面或接送。 家长或监护人不应把学生孩子们,直接在路边放下或任由孩子在隔街下车由学生自行步入音乐学校。 所有我们音乐学校相关机构组织,工作人员和老师,对于无人陪伴的学生孩童们,不承担任何法律责任。



  • If the teacher is late for the class, the lost time must be made up at a mutual convenient time for both the teacher and the student.
  • If the student runs several minutes late for the class, the teacher can decide whether or not to make up the lost time depending on the teacher's work and break schedule.
  • If the student is late halftime into the class or more than 50 % of the lesson time, the teacher is allowed to voluntary arranging his/her own time for the rest of the lesson.  The student is regarded as having taken the class and is responsible for the lost time incurred by him- or herself.


  • 若老师迟到,必须在师生共同方便的时间安排补上流失的时间。
  • 若学生迟到时间不长,老师可根据自身情况自行决定是否给学生补上流失的时间。
  • 若学生迟到半节课或超过半节课 (50%)仍未出现,老师可自行安排自己此节课的时间。学生此节课将视同为已上课,流失时间自行负责。


Updating Credit Card Info

For your best taking lesson experiences and to avoid any interruption of your regular weekly scheduled lessons and maintaining your preferred teacher and lesson time spot, if your credit card information is ever changed, please do update your credit card information as soon as possible by logging into, please click on My Billing on the left-hand side of the webpage and filling in and updating the form with your new credit card information. In the meantime, please also inform the Musipire Administration Team, we will send you a new link for you to update your Credit Card Authorization.  Once you receive the link, please click on the link and update the form then submit it back to us, thank you. 


为避免您每月初正常上课受到因学费自动扣费未通过而造成的不必要打搅,和保持留下您喜欢的上课老师和时间段,若您的信用卡信息有更改,麻烦请及时登录,在网页左侧,找到并点击My Billing,进行信用卡信息更新。  同一时间,请您也及时告知伟乐管理团队,我们将发给您新的信用卡付款授权协议链接,麻烦请您点击并填写新的信用卡信息资料,然后提交,感谢您。


Credit Card Transaction Title

Please note that on your credit card statement, you will see OR Musipire Music as the transaction title, both of these names are all under the same organization umbrella.


当您查看您的信用卡帐单时,温馨提醒您,您会看到 或 Musipire Music 为交易名称。  这两项名称均为伟乐旗下的姐妹组织。


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Authorization Agreement for Payment


Payments are recurring and are deducted on the first of each month until a withdrawal form is submitted to the Academy office. Withdrawals are due by the 20th of your final month to prevent charges on the following month.

学费付款是系统自动性的在每个月的第一天扣除,直到停课电子表格提交给音乐学校办公室。如您需要停止下个月系统继续自动收费,所有停课电子表格需要在,最晚当月的 20 日之前提交到系统之内。

(I/We) do hereby authorize the Musipire Inc. / hereinafter named the COMPANY, to initiate recurring debit or credit entries to (my/our) Credit Card/Debit Card Account as indicated and named below as the depository financial institutions, hereafter named FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. Furthermore, if any such debit(s) should be returned NSF, (I/we) authorize the COMPANY to collect such debit(s) by electronic debit and subsequently collect a returned debit NSF fee of $25.00 per item by electronic debit from my account identified below, and authorize all of the above as evidenced by my signature below.

This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until the COMPANY has received lesson withdraw form from me (or either of us) of its termination in timely manner (within the regulation time frame) and in such manner as to afford the COMPANY and FINANCIAL INSTITUTION a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

I have read and understand the Musipire Inc./ policies and procedures and payment authorization agreement and agree to abide by them.

(我/我们)在此授权 Musipire Inc./以下称为公司)向(我/我们的)以下所填写之金融机构(之后简称金融机构)的银行卡或信用卡收取自动月付款项目。此外,如果任何应付月付款项目遭跳票,(我/我们)授权公司通过电子付款方式来补收应付款项,并通过电子付款方式自动从我的账户中收取每一次跳票 25.00 美元的退款罚金和费用。  下方的签名栏里的签署,表示我已同意并可以作为同意之证明。


我已阅读和理解 Musipire Inc./ 的规章制度和执行程序以及付款授权协议,并同意遵守它们。

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New Student Questionnaire


(This is optional, if you filled out, we will forward your answers to your assigned primary teacher for better understanding before the lesson.  If you don't, it's totally fine, we will just go straight to the standardaized first lesson)

(这是非必要填写项目。如果您填写,我们将把您填写的资料,转发给安排给您的主要老师,以便老师在上课前更好地了解您和学生。 如果选择你不填写也完全没问题,我们会直接开始按照标准课程上第一堂课)

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