Practice makes perfect?

Every day we have seen so many musicians, parents and students practice their craft, the craft doesn’t have to be music, day by day and week by week, thinking that practice will make them better or closer to perfection, but in reality, it’s really further from the truth…….

Does practice really make you better and perfect?  Of course…..yes and no……. no practice or very little practice will definitely not get you anywhere.  No practice or little practice is the worst of all, but even when you practice, how do you practice? What to practice? What methods do you use? What’s the most efficient ways of practice? All of above will affect the final result.  How do you measure your practice?  Do you know that for different ages of students, there are different ways to measure?

You see, this is the reason why so many people do not get the result.  This happens not only in the music practice world.  Same thing with life….go to school, go to work, it all will automatically make our life better?  Of course not!  How do you do your school work? How do you work at your job?  What are the methods?  How do you measure them?

No wonder so many people get confused or give up after many years of trying…..this is the reason why you need a coach like Musipire, for your music lesson…..and also for your life!

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