Your attitude determines your altitude

Your attitude determines your altitude

Every day we see so many students come to Musipire music school and academy to take music lessons and classes, then all go home practice.  Few years later, some perform so well and outstanding and some even become a super music star.  A lot of time it’s the same school, same teacher and same environment, why is that a few years later different students ended up with such big different results and outcome?

Every day we have so many different staff and music teachers come to Musipire to work and teach music, why some teachers always have such busy schedule and always jams packed the whole day almost rarely have any empty time spot and a few others seem struggle with just to retain the current size of studio?

We all go to work and go to school every day, it’s the same school, same classroom, same job, same company, same role or even the same position and responsibility, why some people can excel so much and getting so much out of the very same role and position and yet some people find it hard to keep up?

Congratulation to Tony Wei, one of many Musipire gifted and talented music students, recently just successfully host a solo recital at Carnegie Hall.  Tony Wei’s family live in Princeton New Jersey, every week spent 2 to 3 hours one way and average around total 4 to 5 hours two ways come to Musipire Music School located at Queens, New York to take piano and violin lesson and Tony’s family have been doing that rain or shine for the past 7 years diligently with Musipire music school.

Talent and Smart will not get you too far……it’s your attitude determines your altitude.

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